Recruitment, Outcomes, and Assessment Resource (ROAR)

Director: Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH

The goals of the Recruitment, Outcomes and Assessment Resource (ROAR) are to develop resources for population and clinical/transitional research that can enhance collaborative, multidisciplinary population research; enable observational, behavioral, clinical translation and interventional studies; and avoid inefficiency in the development and execution of these studies.

The ROAR is comprised of two coordinated components: one for recruitment, retention and outreach, and a second for research implementation.

Services that ROAR provides for Recruitment, Retention and Outreach include assistance with development and implementation of recruitment and retention plans and materials. These services include:

  • Designing brochures and recruitment materials
  • Developing media campaigns
  • Tailoring informed consent to appropriate literacy levels
  • Recruitment observation and feedback
  • Assisting with recruitment budget planning

For more advanced stages of initiation and execution of patient-oriented research studies, ROAR services include:

  • Creating informed consent documents
  • Designing and testing questionnaires and other data collection instruments
  • Preparing project documentation
  • Assisting in implementing centralized participant eligibility assessment; and initial participant contact and eligibility assessment
  • Staff training and coordination to facilitate data collection, including obtaining and tracking informed consent, in-person and telephone interviewing, medical records abstraction, etc.
  • Consultation services


Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH