Tracey Birnhak Nutritional Counseling Program

Tracy Birnhak Valeree Williams

Throughout cancer treatment, a well-balanced nutrition plan can improve tolerance and response to therapy and promote recovery. The Tracey Birnhak Nutritional Counseling Program offers nutrition counseling by registered dietitians to those patients being treated for cancer at the Abramson Cancer Center.

Our dietitians specialize in cancer nutrition and provide information based on sound nutritional therapies.

Our registered dietitians will:

  • Assess your individual nutritional status.
  • Review your personal nutrition practices.
  • Provide advice on diet and nutrition therapies.
  • Offer suggestions on improving your nutrition.
  • Help you create an individualized nutrition plan that can be easily built-in to your life. Nutrition recommendations are based on your type of cancer, medical history, personal preferences, treatment plan, and the presence of side effects.
  • Provide information on alternative approaches to nutrition, such as supplements, herbal therapies and alternative diet regimens.

We offer classes and workshops as well as individual advice. We also have a variety of education sheets available online.