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David B. Roth, MD, PhD

David B. Roth, MD, PhD Physician

Chair, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Simon Flexner Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Roth is a Penn Medicine employed physician.

Clinical Specialties


  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Programs & Centers:

  • Cancer
  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
    • Anatomic Pathology
    • Immunobiology and Experimental Pathology

Board Certification:

  • Pathology - Anatomic Pathology, 1992

Education and Training

Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine
Residency: National Cancer Institute


Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, National Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, National American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, National American Association of Immunologists, National American Association of University Pathologists (The Pluto Society), National American Board of Pathology, Diplomate, National American Society for Microbiology, National Elected Fellow, College of American Pathologists, National NIH Allergy and Immunology Study Section, Ad Hoc Member, National Pathology Society of Philadelphia, Local Pennsylvania Association of Pathologists, Local Review Panel for HHMI Postdoctoral Fellowships for Physicians Program, National Teleos Leadership Institute, National The Harvey Society, National The New York Academy of Sciences, Local

Hospital Affiliation

Dr. Roth is a Penn Medicine employed physician.

Hospital Privileges:

  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania: On the medical staff, but does not have privileges to treat patients in the hospital.
  • Penn Presbyterian Medical Center: On the medical staff, but does not have privileges to treat patients in the hospital.
  • Pennsylvania Hospital: On the medical staff, but does not have privileges to treat patients in the hospital.


Selected Publications:

Martina Mijuškovic, Yi-Fan Chou Vered Gigi, Cory R. Lindsay, Olga Shestova, Susanna M. Lewis, David B. Roth: Off target V(D)J recombination drives lymphomagenesis and is escalated by loss of the Rag2 C-terminus Cell Reports 12 : 1842-1852,2015.

Corrigan-Curay Jacqueline, O'Reilly Marina, Kohn Donald B, Cannon Paula M, Bao Gang, Bushman Frederic D, Carroll Dana, Cathomen Toni, Joung J Keith, Roth David, Sadelain Michel, Scharenberg Andrew M, von Kalle Christof, Zhang Feng, Jambou Robert, Rosenthal Eugene, Hassani Morad, Singh Aparna, Porteus Matthew H: Genome Editing Technologies: Defining a Path to Clinic. Molecular therapy: the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy 23 (5): 796-806,2015.

Wilson Melissa A, Morrissette Jennifer J D, McGettigan Suzanne, Roth David, Elder David, Schuchter Lynn M, Daber Robert D: What you are missing could matter: a rare, complex BRAF mutation affecting codons 599, 600, and 601 uncovered by next generation sequencing. Cancer genetics : 2014.

Vered Gigi, Susanna Lewis, Olga Shestova, Martina Mijuškovic, Ludovic Deriano, Wenzhao Meng, Eline T. Luning Prak and David B. Roth: RAG2 mutants alter DSB repair pathway choice in vivo and illuminate the nature of ‘alternative NHEJ’ Nucl. Acids Res. : 2014.

Gigi V, Lewis S, Shestova O, Mijuškovic M, Deriano L, Meng W, Luning Prak ET, Roth DB: The "dispensable" C-terminus of RAG2 suppresses alternative NHEJ during repair of physiologic double-strand breaks in developing lymphocytes. Nucleic Acids Research 42 (10): 6352-64,2014.

Lindsay CR, Roth DB: An unbiased method for detection of genome-wide off target effects in cell lines treated with zinc finger nucleases. Methods Mol Biol. 1114 : 353-69,2014.

Deriano L, Roth DB: Modernizing the nonhomologous end joining repertoire: alternative and classical NHEJ share the stage. Annual Review of Genetics 47 : 433-55,2013.

Coussens MA, Wendland RL, Deriano L, Lindsay CR, Arnal SM, Roth DB: RAG2's Acidic Hinge Restricts Repair-Pathway Choice and Promotes Genomic Stability Cell Reports 4 (5): 870-878,2013.

Chaumeil J, Micsinai M, Ntziachristos P, Roth DB, Aifantis I, Kluger Y, Deriano L, Skok JA: The RAG2 C-terminus and ATM control RAG activity to limit the number of potential translocation substrates. Nature Communications : 2013.

Martina Mijuskovic, Stuart M. Brown, Zuojian Tang, Cory Lindsay, Efstratios Efstathiadis,Ludovic Deriano, David B. Roth: A streamlined Method for Detecting Structural Variants in Cancer Genomes by Short Read Paired-End Sequencing Plos One 7 (10): 2012.

Academic Contact Info

6.036 Gates Building
3400 Spruce Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-4283
Phone: (215) 615-6510
Fax: (215) 662-4063

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